The Wingdom is a kingdom within the Sky Realm ruled by Queen Skyla.

It was formerly ruled by King Skyler, Skyla's husband, but he was presumed dead after an encounter with his brother, Sky Clone, who had sought to conquer the Wingdom and rule it in his place. Sky Clone was subsequently banished to the Netherworld, where he plotted once again to take over the Wingdom. Queen Skyla, recognizing that Sky Clone had returned, recruited Jade, Camille, Angelica, Slam, and Breeze -- all students from High Hope Dance Academy -- to become her Sky Dancers, serving as defenders for the Wingdom. After defeating Sky Clone and his Horrorcanes numerous times, the Sky Dancers have become quite familiar with the Wingdom, spending much of their time in the cloudy paradise. Many civilians reside in the Wingdom, such as the Tinker and Rudolph Fareev.