The Sky's the Limit
Episode #: 1.01
Written by: John Gentile
Anthony Gentile
Lisa Morton
Jack Olesker

The Sky's the Limit is the first episode of the Sky Dancers animated series. The episode was written by John Gentile, Anthony Gentile, Lisa Morton, and Jack Olesker.


After their first dance recital, Jade, Camille, Slam, Angelica, and Breeze notice that their headmistress, Dame Skyla had vanished. They find her in an area of High Hope Dance Academy that they'd not explored before, covered with music boxes. They find Skyla, who reveals that a great danger called Sky Clone has returned to attack the Wingdom. The teenagers are skeptical, but Skyla tells them of Sky Clone's origin. He was the brother of Skyla's husband, King Skyler, who sought to take over the Wingdom. King Skyler used the Sky Swirl Stone to destroy Sky Clone's troops, the Horrorcanes, but is forced to sacrifice his life to defeat Sky Clone. Unfortunately, Sky Clone has since returned, and Skyla recruits the teenagers into becoming her Sky Dancers. She gives them the Right of Flight Feathers, which enables them to transform after saying the phrase, "If it is to be, it's up to me!"

After transforming, the Sky Dancers fly into the Wingdom to find Skyla's palace trashed by the Imps. The Sky Dancers chase off the Imps, but Skyla realizes that it will only mean Sky Clone's attack will come quicker than she expected. Meanwhile, Sky Clone creates a batch of Horrorcanes to aid him in his evil deeds. Skyla tells the Sky Dancers that each of them have their own special powers. Slam is the first to realize his power, using his control over gravity on Whirl and Twirl. Camille then realizes she has the power to create anything out of clouds. Jade tries to summon her power, but is unable to believe in magic, since her father is a scientist. Skyla tells them they must believe if they are to defeat Sky Clone, and that once they get better at dancing, their abilities will improve.

Sky Clone heads for the sky city but the Sky Dancers intervene, which enables Angelica and Breeze to discover their powers of time control and wind control, respectively. However, the Horrorcanes are able to defeat the pair, along with Camille. Slam and Jade attack another Horrorcane, but Slam is swarmed by the Imps. Jade finally summons her power to turn invisible and defeats the Imps. The Dancers come up with an idea to destroy the Horrorcanes by forcing them to run into each other. This forces Sky Clone to retreat after his minions were destroyed. Skyla congratulates the Sky Dancers, but tells them they have much more to learn and flies off, with her students following closely behind.