Annie has decided to make life miserable for Camille at the Academy. To comfort her Sky Dancer, Skyla tells her about her stormy relationship with Baroness Skyvia. The two cousins finally made up after a long discussion alone together. Skyla urges Camille to do the same. In the Wingdom, curious coincidence- Skyvia’s long-buried jealousy for Skyla resurfaces at this precise moment, provoked by a minstrel’s odes to Queen Skyla. Skyvia goes to the Vortex and plots with Sky Clone to take over the throne. The Sky Dancers, summoned to the Sky Kingdom by Skyvia, quickly fall into the trap Sky Clone sets up for them and Skyvia poisons Skyla. Skyvia takes advantage of the ensuing panic to appoint herself Skyla’s regent until the Queen recovers her health. The Tinker, however, manages to get Skyla back on her feet. Once the Sky Dancers escape from Sky Clone, they help the Tinkerer to expose Skyvia’s wicked plans. Back on Earth, Camille finds Annie and suggests they perform a dance together. First startled, the young girl then agrees, and they become friends.