The Last Dance is the third episode of the Sky Dancers animated series. The episode was written by Jack Olesker and Savin Yeatman.


At the Nether World, a gaseous creature transforms into Sky Clone and demands the Imps to show him to the throne room. The creature is unimpressed with the throne room and starts tearing it apart. The true Sky Clone enters and finds Snarl beaten and bruised, who informs him he did what he ordered. The creature, watching from afar, realizes how easy it will be to fool the rest of the Sky Realm.

Meanwhile, at a part at High Hope Dance Academy, the crowd cheers for Camille to dance for them. She takes Slam as her partner, and the pair dance for the crowd. Skyla enters and is surprised at the crowd's reaction to classical music. She commends Camille for adding in a modern dance beat to the music, and invites her to teach the dance for Skyla's subjects in the Wingdom. While Camille teaches the citizens of the Wingdom, Muddle spies on the heroes and reports back to Sky Clone. The imposter reveals himself to Sky Clone and easily defeats his Horrorcane minion. Sky Clone realizes the creature is a shapeshifter. The shapeshifter, Gorp, states he wishes to rule the Wingdom so he wouldn't have to change his shape anymore. Sky Clone declares that they shall work together to conquer the world.

Gorp flies to the Wingdom and plots to force the Sky Dancers into wearing his Rings of Nothingness. Camille finds him, but he disguises himself as a handsome man. The pair dances, forcing Gorp to regret his decision to battle the Sky Dancers. Later, Sky Clone scolds Gorp for his failure, but Gorp assures him he will accomplish his task.

The next day, the Sky Dancers leave Camille to teach her dance. In town, Breeze notices his grandfather walking by. He chases after him, but discovers the grandfather is Gorp. Slam finds Angelica and Jade and warns them there's a shapeshifter around. He tries to get them to put the rings on, but the true Slam appears. They scare Gorp away and regroup together. Meanwhile, Gorp enters Skyla's throne room where Camille was. Camille and Gorp dance together, and Gorp tries to give Camille the ring. But he stops her from putting it on before it was too late. As the other Sky Dancers show up, Camille reveals she knew he was a shapeshifter. She and Gorp have a tearful goodbye and Camille declares that she won't forget Gorp.