Spread Your Wings is the ninth episode of the Sky Dancers animated series. The episode was written by Jack Olesker and Savin Yeatman.


At a ski resort, Angelica skis as quickly as she can while Slam, Camille, Breeze, and Jade follow farther behind. A male skier brushing past Angelica causes her to lose her balance and tumble over a rock. Slam and Breeze race off to get the ski patrol while Jade and Camille watch over Angelica.

Later, Angelica returns to High Hope Dance Academy with a cast on her broken arm. Slam mentions how they'll miss Angelica in the New Year's Dance Off, which upsets Angelica. In Skyla's office, Skyla attempts to console Angelica.

Six weeks later, Angelica prepares to travel to the Wingdom, but is worried that her nearly-healed arm will hinder her flight. The teenagers transform into the Sky Dancers, and Muddle overhears Angelica expressing her concern over her arm to Breeze. He flies back to the Nether World to inform Sky Clone, who excitedly plots to defeat the Sky Dancers.

Elsewhere, Jade leads the Sky Dancers in practicing their flight in order to train Angelica. The Imps use a blunderbuss to shoot Angelica's wing while she's mid-flight, causing her to plummet to the ground. Breeze quickly rescues her, but Angelica becomes discouraged. She flies off on her own, and becomes blinded when the Imps use a mirror to reflect light in her eyes. She crashes down by the Tinker's house.

Angelica decides to leave the Sky Dancers and the academy permanently. However, the Tinker reveals his newest invention, a machine that fully heals Angelica's arm. Angelica tests it out by flying around, and feels re-invigorated.

Meanwhile, Sky Clone sends his Horrorcane to attack the Wingdom. Sky Clone turns into a pack of Terrornadoes and attacks the Sky Dancers. The dancers are unable to defeat the Horrorcane and the Terrnoradoes without Angelica, so Skyla sends Whirl and Twirl to find her. The Imps, however, have been taunting Angelica all the while. They then fly towards the Tinker and attack him. Angelica uses her powers to defeat the three Imps. The Tinker reveals the machine was an empty box and that Angelica had done everything herself. She then returns to the Wingdom to save the others.

As Sky Clone starts to finish off the Sky Dancers, Angelica freezes the villains. The Sky Dancers combine their powers, defeating Sky Clone. The citizens of the Wingdom celebrate Angelica, who has decided to stay a Sky Dancer.