First Appearance: The Sky's the Limit
Affilitation: Sky Dancers
Species: Human
Abilities: Gravity control,
Voiced By: James Michael

Slam is one of the protagonists of the Sky Dancers Animated Series.


One of the five pupils attending High Hope Dance Academy, Slam was considered the "Hero of Hip-Hop." Although he lacked the refined skill that the other students had, his drive and ambition made him stand out to Dame Skyla. During their first major performance, Slam missed a step, taking a huge blow to his ego. Afterward, the dancers noticed that Dame Skyla had disappeared. Slam blamed himself, noting that she probably left because he missed his move. Angelica tried to console him, but his ego took a huge blow. He was able to put aside his disappointment to help his peers search for Dame Skyla. They found their headmistress in a mysterious room filled with music boxes. Dame Skyla revealed to Slam and the others about the Wingdom and Sky Clone, recruiting the five teenagers to become her Sky Dancers.[1]

After discovering his newfound abilities to defy gravity, Slam took part in battling Sky Clone and his Imps. With the help of Jade, Slam succeeded in defeating the Imps, then aided the other Sky Dancers in defeating the Horrorcanes. He continued to stay with High Hope Dance Academy in his spare time, though he was expelled at one point with his friend Brandon for causing trouble.[2] He was eventually able to overcome Brandon's bad behavior and was able to return to High Hope after proving himself a valuable member of the Sky Dancers.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Slam gained the ability to control gravity from Queen Skyla after becoming a Sky Dancer. He often uses this power to form a tractor beam on his enemies, pushing or pulling them away or towards wherever he desires. Slam, to perform this ability, most often does a flip in the air and punches twice, the second resulting in the telekinetic beam appearing on his fist.

Like all Sky Dancers and denizens of the Wingdom, Slam has the ability to fly using his wings.

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  • Slam's conceptual costume had a black and white color scheme with a Yin-Yang symbol on his wings. The original color scheme can be seen in the opening credits. This color scheme is also used in the Sky Dancers board game.

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