First Appearance: The Moment of Truth
Affilitation: Sky Clone
Species: Sky Dancer
Abilities: Flight
Voiced By: Donna Daley

Skyvia is a Baroness from the Wingdom and enemy of the Sky Dancers.


After Jade encounters issues with another student at High Hope Dance Academy, Annie, Skyla tells her about Skyvia, a baroness who had been betrothed to Sky Clone. After Sky Clone's banishment at the hands of Skyler, Skyvia was left with nothing. She despised Skyla, and would often bully and taunt her. On the day of Skyla's wedding, she made amends with Skyvia.

However, Skyvia had built up a strong resentment towards Skyla, and plotted to take over the Wingdom. She was reminded of her hatred after her Minstrel continuously sang about Skyla. She decides to ally herself with Sky Clone, and the pair concoct a plot. First, the Imps act as a diversion to the Sky Dancers, luring them into a basement where Sky Clone traps them. Meanwhile, Skyvia poisons Skyla's tea and steals the Sky Swirl Stone. She tells the citizens of the Wingdom that Skyla has fallen ill, and she becomes the new queen. The Tinker is not convinced, and asks to see her.

After the Sky Dancers escape their trap, they find Skyvia being celebrated as queen. Skyvia betrays Sky Clone, stating that the Wingdom would never accept him as a ruler. Sky Clone takes the Sky Swirl Stone from Skyvia and battles the Sky Dancers, but Skyvia soon struggles to take back the glove. While they are battling, the Tinker brings Skyla to the group. Sky Clone escapes, and Skyla offers her friendship once again to Skyvia. Skyvia, infuriated, flies off from the Wingdom, rejecting her friendship.[1]

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