The Sky Dancers Animated Series aired in 1996, produced by Abrams Gentile Entertainment in association with Xilam. The five characters were said to be students at the High Hope Dance Academy under the widowed Queen Skyla. Queen Skyla and her students defended her kingdom from Skyla's jealous brother-in-law Sky Clone, who sought revenge for his brother Skyler (Skyla's husband) being selected as king over him. Sky Clone had successfully killed Skyler but was unable to gain control of the Sky Swirl Stone that gave the Sky Dancers their powers. The series ended after one season once "educational and informative" regulations took effect.

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. The Sky's the Limit
  2. On Wings of Song
  3. Broken Stone
  4. Getting the Story
  5. Lonely Heart
  6. Dance Jade, Dance
  7. The Last Dance
  8. Troublemakers
  9. Spread Your Wings
  10. Love Lost, Love Found
  11. Skyler vs. Skyler
  12. Blue Heaven
  13. Time and Time Again
  14. Statues
  15. The Alliance
  16. Forever Love
  17. Where's My Body?
  18. The Imps's Trap
  19. Long Live Sky Clone
  20. Slam Bang
  21. The Moment of Truth
  22. Treasure Cloud
  23. Heartbreak
  24. Dark Star
  25. The Purple Tide of Skyridium
  26. The Operation

Unknown episode numberEdit

  1. A Friend in High Places