Rudolph Fareev
First Appearance: Dance Jade, Dance
Affilitation: Sky Clone
Species: Sky Dancer
Abilities: Excellent dancer,
Voiced By:  ???

Rudolph Fareev (occasionally referred to as Rudy) is a dance trainer from the Wingdom and enemy of the Sky Dancers.


A renowned Sky Dancer and loyal ally of Queen Skyla, Rudolph Fareev was present during the revival of Sky Clone. Skyla, realizing she'd need protectors for the Sky Kingdom, recruited five teenagers to become new Sky Dancers. Rudolph was enraged that Skyla would appoint anyone other than him for the task of defending the Wingdom, and concocted a plan to get rid of the Sky Dancers so that he would take their place.

Rudolph offered the Sky Dancers an opportunity to perform in Skyridium, though he was unimpressed with their abilities. He revealed he needed a partner for his own dance, choosing Jade. Jade eventually became infatuated with Rudolph, who continued to seduce her in order to get closer to the Sky Dancers. He eventually allied himself with Sky Clone under the assumption that no harm would come to the Sky Kingdom. After leaving Jade in the dance room alone, he let the Imps attack, though they were quickly disposed of.

Later, during the dance at Skyridium, Rudolph botched the performance by dropping Camille and tripping Breeze. Jade refused to believe Rudolph was up to no good, causing the Sky Dancers to turn on her and leave the city. While Rudolph and Jade performed their own dance, Sky Clone and his Horrorcanes attacked. The other Sky Dancers saw the attack, deciding to return to help Jade. However, it was too late, as Rudolph caught Jade and handed her over to Sky Clone. Rudolph soon realized Sky Clone was not going to keep his word, as he planned to use Jade for bait to get the Sky Swirl Stone from Skyla. Rudolph flew off, only to be bothered by the Imps, who considered him one of their own. The Imps infuriated Rudolph until he snapped, demanding to know where Sky Clone's lair was located.

Outside Sky Clone's cave, Rudolph met up with the Sky Dancers, who reluctantly agreed to team up with him to save Jade. He flew ahead, getting caught by a Horrorcane. He tried to reason with Sky Clone, offering himself in exchange for Jade. Sky Clone refused, using his Horrorcanes to blow Rudolph out of the cave. While the villains were distracted, the Sky Dancers attacked, rescuing Jade. After the battle, Rudolph apologized to Jade and the other Sky Dancers.[1]

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