Queen Skyla
First Appearance: The Sky's the Limit
Affilitation: Sky Dancers
Species: Sky Dancer
Abilities: Flight
Voiced By:  ???

Queen Skyla is the ruler of Wingdom and headmistress of High Hope Dance Academy.

As a ruler she is just and kind with the well-being of her people constantly in mind. However, she leaves the Kingdom's economy to the Chamberlain and became shocked when she realised (in Treasure Cloud) that her treasure chamber was empty, but stopped at nothing to solve the problem.

As dancing teacher and headmistress she is equally just and very stern and demanding. She gives offers to anyone she thinks deserves them and force her students to work hard for it, not hesitating to forcing extra training as punishment or giving students an earful when they are reckless. She has also been known to try and help her students with their personal problems, when trying to convince Camille's parents to see a show to make them accept their daughter's choice of career.