“Bogus, man! Total rip! Were the judges dozing when I popped my triple back flip followed by a double whammy somersault? That lame Lorenzo couldn't even come close!”
Slam, Where's My Body?

First Appearance: Where's My Body?
Affilitation: Midtown Center for the Arts
Species: Human
Abilities: None
Voiced By:  ???

Lorenzo is a dance student at the Midtown Center for the Arts.


During the regional dance competition, Lorenzo was assigned to challenge Slam. Although Slam performed a hip-hop routine, Lorenzo went for a more classical ballet approach. Camille commented that Slam had his work cut out for him, despite Slam's overconfidence. After the duel, Dame Skyla announced that the judges could not decide the winner, and that they had to return the following day for a rematch. Later, Lorenzo befriended the Sky Dancers, much to Slam's dismay. The next day, Lorenzo performed his dance routine, but was inevitably defeated by Slam. After the results were announced, Lorenzo immediately congratulated Slam.[1]