Lonely Heart
Episode #: 1.05
Written by: John Gentile
Anthony Gentile
Jack Olesker

Lonely Heart is the fifth episode of the Sky Dancers animated series. The episode was written by Anthony Gentile, John Gentile, and Jack Olesker.


Breeze finds Angelica at High Hope Academy's courtyard wearing a new outfit her parents bought for her. They flirt with each other, but Dame Skyla scolds the two of them. As she walks away, Angelica and Breeze wonder why Skyla was behaving so cold to them. Later that night, Angelica wakes Jade up after hearing music playing from afar. All five of the dancers meet up in the hallways and decide to check out where the music was coming from. They make their way to the Music Room, where they find Dame Skyla dancing alone, as if in a trance. Skyla speaks to Skyler, but then awakens from her trance. She leaves, while the teens try to come up with a way to make her feel better. At the Nether World, Sky Clone gloats about how the anniversary of Skyler's death is approaching. He summons a Horrorcane in order to get the glove from Queen Skyla's hand.

The Sky Dancers join Skyla in the Wingdom, where Skyla separates from the group, saying she needs time to herself. The dancers decide to throw Skyla a party for their queen. Meanwhile, Queen Skyla finds the ghost of Skyler, who dances with her. But he soon flees, as the Imps and the Horrorcane attack. They manage to steal Skyla's glove and capture her. At Skyla's party, the Sky Dancers await her arrival. Whirl and Twirl appear, informing the Sky Dancers of Skyla's capture. Skyla pleads with the Imps to not give Sky Clone the Sky Swirl Stone, as he will stop anyone from flying again. The Sky Dancers travel to the Nether World and manage to rescue Sykla and stop Sky Clone, with help from the ghost of Skyler.

After the battle, Skyla bids farewell to Skyler, telling him she'll find a way to bring him back permanently. She realizes she won't be alone as long as she has the Sky Dancers.