“Your mother and I had our differences. But I never doubted she loved you. And I have no doubt she still loves you, as much as I do.”
Jade's Father, Love Lost, Love Found

Jade's Father
First Appearance: Love Lost, Love Found
Affilitation: Jade
Species: Human
Abilities: None
Voiced By:  ???

Jade's Father is a scientist who lives near High Hope Dance Academy. While Jade was growing up, her father taught her to think with logic. However, Jade's mother, Anna Yamato, left her family to pursue her own dancing career. After Anna returned to rekindle her bond with Jade, Jade's father reassured her that her mother still loved her.[1]

Later, Jade's father attended the Nutcracker performance at High Hope, sitting by Camille's Father and Mother. He told them how highly Jade speaks of Camille and her dancing prowess.[2]