“These Sky Dancers are no different from anyone else. It will be child's play fooling them into wearing the Rings of Nothingness.”
Gorp, The Last Dance

First Appearance: The Last Dance
Affilitation: None
Species: Shapeshifter
Abilities: Malleable form,
Voiced By: Jonathan Kahn Davis

Gorp is a Shapeshifter and former enemy of the Sky Dancers.


A mysterious shapeshifter, Gorp found himself in the Nether World. He transformed into Sky Clone and forced the oblivious Imps to take him to the throne room. Gorp, disgusted with Sky Clone's throne, destroyed it and injured Jumble and Snarl. The real Sky Clone eventually discovered the shapeshifter and summoned a Horrorcane to attack him. Upon realizing Gorp is a shapeshifter, Sky Clone offered an alliance, promising Gorp one of the Wingdom's cities if he helps him destroy the Sky Dancers. Gorp agreed to the alliance.

Later that night, Gorp took the form of a handsome man and appeared on Camille's balcony. He planned to have Camille put on one of his Rings of Nothingness, which would vaporize her. He convinced Camille to dance with him, but he became enamored with the Sky Dancer and retreated. Sky Clone scolded Gorp for his failures.

During Camille's dance teachings for the Wingdom, Gorp took the form of Breeze's deceased grandfather. He attempted to get Breeze to put on the Ring of Nothingness, but made the mistake of mentioning Breeze's still-alive grandmother. Breeze blasted Gorp with lightning, which revealed his true form. Gorp fled, then took the shape of Slam and appeared to Angelica and Jade. His plan was once again foiled when the real Slam showed up and blasted him with his gravity powers. His last attempt had him reverting to his humanoid form and tempting Camille with the ring. However, before she could put it on, he pulled it away and dropped it to the floor, breaking it. He realized he did not want to harm Camille. The other Sky Dancers flew in to warn Camille, but she revealed she knew Gorp was a shapeshifter all along. Gorp reverted to his true form, lamenting that nobody will ever care about him. Camille tells him that she cares about him, and that she will return to see him. As he left the Sky Dancers, it began to rain, and Camille began to cry.[1]