Dance Jade, Dance is the sixth episode of the Sky Dancers animated series. The episode was written by Jack Olesker and Savin Yeatman.



The five teenagers dance in front of an audience that seems less than impressed with their abilities. When the dance is over, Slam comments that he's happy it was a free performance, as they didn't dance very well. Dame Skyla appears and informs them that they'll be trained by Rudolph Fareev, a renowned dancer. The teenagers transform into the Sky Dancers and travel to the Wingdom to Rudolph's domain. Rudolph tells the Dancers that if they do well with him, he'll let them perform in Skyridium. Meanwhile, Sky Clone is busy scolding his minions, but notes that he has a new ally, a traitor in Skyla's Wingdom. He sends Snarl, Muddle, and Jumble to aid his mysterious cohort.

Elsewhere, Slam and Breeze are satisfied with their dancing, but Rudolph is unimpressed. He tells Angelica to perform a pas de chat, but is unhappy with her skills. Slam tries to get him to lay off of her, but he refuses and tells them to take a break. The Dancers leave, but Jade stays behind to dance privately with Rudolph. Mumble, Jumble, and Snarl show up as Rudolph dances with Jade. After the dance, he leaves and allows the villains to attack her. He remembers hearing Queen Skyla appoint the Sky Dancers as defenders of the Wingdom, when Rudolph believed he was best-suited for the job. Mumble and Jumble, meanwhile, are getting irritated by Snarl. While they argue, Jade uses her powers to become invisible and defeats the imps. Rudolph is surprised when he enters the room to find the trio defeated. The Sky Dancers show up, and Jade comments that Rudolph's training is what made her win the battle.

Later that night, Rudolph flew to a secluded area to meet with the imps. He says to tell Sky Clone that if he can't handle just one of the Sky Dancers, he will take care of them himself. The next day, in Skyridium, the Sky Dancers perform for a large crowd. Rudolph cuts in with Slam and Camille, causing Camille to fall while he spins her. He then kicks Breeze. Jade defends Rudolph from the others' accusations, claiming they're jealous of her because Rudolph asked her to be his partner. Suddenly, Sky Clone and the Horrorcanes show up and attack the civilians. The Sky Dancers, who had left, decide to return to save Jade. Rudolph grabs Jade and hands her to Sky Clone. Sky Clone betrays Rudolph, no longer needing him, and escapes with Jade. Rudolph flies off, wondering what he had done.

The Sky Dancers return to the dance hall, but cannot find anyone. Whirl and Twirl fly off, with the Sky Dancers flying close behind. The Imps show up to Rudolph, saying they've found a new friend. Rudolph wants nothing to do with the group, but because of their persistent annoyance, he beats them up and demands to know where Sky Clone is located. Sky Clone, meanwhile, gloats to Jade, who could not believe Rudolph would betray her. The Sky Dancers find the cave and are aided by Rudolph in saving Jade. After the battle, Jade asks why Rudolph worked for Sky Clone. He apologizes, and tells them they're much better humans than him.