First Appearance: The Sky's the Limit
Affilitation: Sky Dancers
Species: Human
Abilities: Cloud manipulation,
Voiced By: Donna Daley

Camille is a Sky Dancer from the animated series. She has a modern dancing style, and has the ability to create any shape she desires from clouds. She is also one of the Sky Dancers from the animated series who was brought back for the 2006 relaunch of the toy series.


The "modern dance aficionado" of High Hope Dance Academy, Camille was the first to notice Dame Skyla's disappearance after their first major performance. She searched for her headmistress with her classmates, where she discovered about the Wingdom. Her take-charge personality and drive to help others enabled her to becoming one of the Sky Dancers, allowing her to manipulate the shape of clouds, transforming them into whatever she desires. She used this ability to defend the Wingdom against Sky Clone and his Horrorcanes by creating a building made of clouds, forcing the Horrorcanes to crash into each other.[1]

She continued on with the Sky Dancers, though at one point her parents, as lawyers, did not approve of Camille's dancing and wanted her to leave the Academy. Camille was unable to tell her parents how she really felt, but was eventually able to overcome her hesitance and rejoined the Academy and the Sky Dancers.[2] Her skills advanced to the point where Dame Skyla decided she should teach her dancing in the Wingdom. She also briefly developed feelings with a mysterious shapeshifter named Gorp, though it ended with him flying off, promising to meet her again one day.[3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Camille gained the ability to create cloud sculptures from Queen Skyla after becoming a Sky Dancer. She uses this power to create illusions that confuse or trap her enemies. She most often creates a cage to capture Sky Clone or his minions. She must always perform her modern dance before she is able to use her clouds.

Like all Sky Dancers and denizens of the Wingdom, Camille has the ability to fly using her wings.

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